BellaGel promises a natural feel and excellent safety.
Bellagel SmoothFine® This is the new name of Bellagel Micro,
which reflects the International Standards Organization ISO regulations.
Natural Shape
  • Its cohesive gel of high viscoelasticity presents a soft feel.High viscoelasticity of the cohesive gel provides a softer feel.
  • BellaGel creates a soft silhouette that moves naturally with your motions.
  • As filled with 100% cohesive silicone-gel, BellaGel SmoothFine is filled with 100% cohesive silicone gel and ishas highly cohesive and viscoelastic, which keeps its shape stable. (Material Properties Test of BellaGel SmoothFine )
  • Special manufacturing method for fine and smooth surface.
  • The surface structure of BellaGel is designed to be compatible with human body and minimizes the formation of capsular contracture.
  • Adverse events seen in rough surfaces such as seroma is rare with BellaGel SmoothFine.
  • According to the newest ISO, BellaGel SmoothFine’s surface is classified into the smooth category of implants.
* ISO (International Organization for Standardization): An international organization established to standardize all the industrial standards used internationally in the world.
Special Matrix
  • Various sizes to for breast augementation and reconstruction
  • Five projections and more than 100 segmented sizes provided as options.
  • Wide range of available implants makes it easy to select the most suitable implant for the patient’s unique body shape.
  • Synergy from balance of three core factors: diameter, the extent of extrusion, and volume